"Hey, just want to take the time and say THANK YOU!  You have provided an amazing opportunity for our kids and I greatly appreciate it.  Tyler was so excited when I picked him up and he is sooo ready to learn.  The time and energy you put into the setup and the organization of your program is amazing.  Thanks for providing an awesome learning space and curriculum for our kids.  You are truly God sent."  ~Michelle (Parent)

"My daughter has blossomed since attending Eminence Academy. She is able to take more responsibility for herself, gained personal independence, and has obtained a sense of belonging. She looks forward to school each school day and is eager to talk about what she has done. Eminence Academy became a safe environment where she is able to learn, thrive, and make friends. In my 20 years in education, EA is the best school I have ever experienced. Mrs. Henry has done such a wonderful job helping my daughter become a confident young woman." ~Terry (Parent)

"Caitlyn is in her second year at Eminence Academy, and we could not be more pleased with her progress and development. She has presented a TED Talk, advanced to high school grade levels in reading, and grown more confident as a young Scholar. She is excited and eager for school every day. She appreciates all that Mrs. Henry has to offer through curriculum and life experiences. Eminence Academy is a blessing, and I am thankful that Caitlyn has had the opportunity to learn under Mrs. Henry. " ~Janeen (Parent)

I had the pleasure of teaching a baking class for the EA scholars. They were such a joy! I could immediately tell how much they enjoy school. Mrs. Henry is always challenging them to think bigger. The scholars always had questions for me (which I LOVED) and lots of laughs. I enjoyed working with a group of young adults that also challenged me. Mrs. Henry has created a program that will help each of the scholars have the tools they need to reach their full potential, while also having fun doing so!  ~Taneisha (Sweetest Pieces Bakery)

“There is just so much greatness I can say about Eminence Academy. The teacher/director is great at what she does. She is caring, motivating, uplifting, and encourages the kids daily. She understands all kids don’t learn the same and she knows how to meet them where they are and get them to where they need to be.” ~Fantrese (Parent)

We Love Eminence Academy!