Academic Focus

What do we believe?

Eminence Academy gives students an exploratory style of learning. We do not specialize in one type of school because students are diverse and need and desire many things. Our sole focus is to mold young minds into unique human beings. We navigate being amazing through our three pillars: excellence, leadership, and faith. We believe excellence is not perfection but always striving to do your best and become your best version. Through leadership, we learn that being of service to others builds our communities and character and, ultimately, our growth as individuals. Faith guides all our work. We believe God designated a specific purpose for all of us, and we strive daily to uncover that purpose and live meaningfully. 

How do we show our beliefs?

Every student is expected to own a business. Through entrepreneurship, we teach finance, character, productivity, and innovation.

We engage in a yearly history assignment that allows us to envision a utopian society and what we feel is the most urgent issue in our community, and how we would rectify those issues. 

We serve others by collecting needed items and donating them, hosting our Mother's Day brunch, our city-wide Children's Business Fair, collecting and donating feminine hygiene products, Easter baskets giveaways, and so many others.

Academic growth is essential and vivid, yet, also fun. Students take college courses, which traditionally begin in the 8th grade. We strive to provide scholars in grade levels K-12 an education grounded in the habits of learning; using the Socratic method to learn, discuss, and understand critically; and providing a differentiated approach to learning that is individualized based on strengths, weaknesses, learning styles, and interests.

Literacy and writing are HUGE for us. We are well aware of the national reading data. We defy those odds immensely with our founder's structured approach.

Furthermore, students are encouraged to explore all their interests. Do you want to write and perform a play? Sure! Why not? Do you want to design clothes and have a fashion show? Let us do it! Anything the students can imagine and dream of, we aim to make it a reality.

Our motto is "Be Amazing at EVERY age." Our scholars continuously quest to answer our essential question daily - "How can I become the best version of myself?" Additionally, beginning the 9th-grade year, scholars participate in internships and job shadowing to further develop their purpose.

Most importantly, we believe in EXPERIENCES. Our exploratory learning consists of learning outside of a traditional classroom. We do not call them "field trips" because they happen weekly, sometimes daily, depending on the learning objective. Instead, they are "learning extensions" to further growth and understanding.

Potential Daily Courses: