Steyven Henry has been an esteemed educator for 19 years.  She advocates for “education beyond the classroom” to equip students with the needed skills to learn, retain, and apply new knowledge.  Steyven began her education journey teaching middle school and, throughout the years, has held the roles of teacher, literacy specialist, professional development coordinator, data coordinator, assistant principal, and director of academics.  Steyven has received many accolades for teaching and relishes being a change agent in education. 

Eminence Academy was founded in 2020 to give scholars the confidence, historical knowledge, and supreme academics to foster an undeniable love of God, self, service, and learning.  Scholars are taught to think critically and connect all aspects of life to an overarching purpose.

Presently, Steyven is completing her doctorate in education with a dissertation focus on Black students and literacy. She has an undergraduate degree in English and education from Christian Brothers University in Memphis, Tennessee, where she has been named a top 150 alumni, and a master's degree in educational leadership from Saint Mary's University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Steyven completed the Women's Entrepreneurship program at Cornell University and is participating in Milestones. Additionally, she is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and actively serves in her community. 


Recently, our scholars had a homework assignment in which they had to ask several adults if they were living their purpose and how they knew. Our scholars needed clarification about purpose because they felt many adults seemed unhappy in their chosen career fields. I agree! Uncovering and adhering to one's purpose is essential. At Eminence Academy, we believe God gives us all a unique purpose and spend ample hours dissecting our talents to make that purpose vivid. 

Our founder recognized this need for adults, as well, and is currently offering consulting services in the following areas:

Each focus area includes three hour sessions.