"The average reading, language, and math test scores of Black homeschool students are significantly higher than those of Black public school students and equal to or higher than all public school students as a group" (Ray, 2015, p. 71). There are several homeschool groups catered to Black parents, some with thousands of members. Black parents have diverse reasons for choosing nontraditional school methods. Nevertheless, many of those parents seek support, resources, and culturally relevant curriculum as they embark on this journey. Emotional concerns and discrimination were factors in Black parents' choice to homeschool (Williams-Johnson & Fields-Smith, 2022). However, many parents felt homeschooling increased travel opportunities and engagement in the learning process. 

Black Homeschoolers of the Midsouth encompasses homeschool families in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas and is a subsidiary of Eminence Academy. Although Eminence Academy is a microschool, its founder often meet homeschooling mothers seeking curriculum options, connections, guidance, and resources. Black Homeschoolers of the Midsouth seeks to host a yearly conference, detailed curriculum options, scheduled classes such as baking, and monthly activities such as a father/daughter dance.


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